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Closed Credit Card Question

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Closed Credit Card Question

I had a Citi card that was opened in 1996, fell behind on it and it was closed by Citi in 2008. I PIF in 2009 and the negative marks should be removed in 2015.

My question is that I understand that closed accounts stay on the report for 10 years. Does that mean that it will show the account in good standing from 2015-2018 or will it still show that it was charged off?

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Re: Closed Credit Card Question

In 2015, the only thing that has to be removed is the CO status.  By that time, the lates leading up to the CO would probably be gone.


IME, my entire CO TL was removed, not just the CO remarks.


Only positively reporting accounts stay for up to 10 years so what happens in 2015 will decide that.

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