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Collectively Bummed


Re: Collectively Bummed

What you want to do is call and ask if they would remove their reporting in exchange for payment. Some will, some wont. I dont know what that particular CA practices are, but it does not hurt to try. That will also depend on whether they outright bought the debt or are only collecting on behalf of OC. 

That would be your first step. Give them a call, dont commit to anything. Come back and post the response when you get it 


I could spell out all the possible case scenarios, but that gets too convoluted and it makes it appear more complicated than it really is. 


One caveat, if they say they will remove reporting for payment, jump on it. See if they expect one time payment (entire amount/settlement) or if they will let you make payments. If they say they will remove, commit to it. Dont have to pay while on the phone but PFD is the best imaginable outcome 

If not, we'll go from there. 

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