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Comenity/Kay and Credit Reporting - Fraud Issue

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Comenity/Kay and Credit Reporting - Fraud Issue



I recently had some fraudulent activity (to the tune of almost 4k!) on my Kay Comenity card.  


My statement cut on the 18th of the month.  The fraud happened on Tuesday the 28th.  I've been in contact with Comenity and they said they are moving the fraud charges off (takes 1-2 days).  


My concern is this ---as of today, the card isn't reporting at all for some reason(i'm not sure if it's because of fraud activity that happened a couple of weeks ago or not).  However, i'm worried that it will report with a blance 4k higher than it should be, with it being the end of the month.


Does anyone know when Comenity reports?  Is it month end of is it the statement date?  If they do report month end, would they report what is on my statement or what is reflected in the current balance as of month end? 


This is very stressful because i'm two weeks from closing on a home and a balance hit like that showing up could raise a major issue.   Any clarity is very much appreciated.  


I can't wait to kill this card, it has been nothing but a nightmare of late

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Re: Comenity/Kay and Credit Reporting - Fraud Issue

Most lenders report to the bureaus the balance that is on your monthly statement. I cannot speak for this lender.

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Re: Comenity/Kay and Credit Reporting - Fraud Issue

IME, Comenity has reported 5 days after the payment due date. YMMV, of course. Smiley Wink

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