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Confused about new report

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Confused about new report

Anyone have WalletHub?


I received two new notifications from them today:

1. Sallie Mae inquiry fell off my report

2. My charged off Cap1 card is now coming up as "On Time", and there's green checks from March 2016 to March 2018, no missed payments, which is false because I missed a lot payments in 2017 (120+ days).


I just paid $600 of $999 CO'ed Cap1 balance yesterday morning. This is the card that is showing up as On-Time as of today, and it's in the category with the rest of my on-time payments like my new credit card and my student loans.



Mind you, the same exact Cap1 account is still under the "Closed accounts" tab and its payment status is "Collection/Chargeoff".


Even though this is WalletHub, I know the rest are going to follow. Everytime WalletHub updates, CK, myFICO, and Credit Sesame all update with the same things in the following days, with FICO Equifax being the last one to show up.


Anyone know why a charged-off Cap1 card would show up as a new on-time account with no missed payments, and also stay as charged-off/closed? Or should I not take WalletHub too seriously?


Re: Confused about new report

Now TurboTax updated the same thing. 


Here's what I found:

WalletHub shows two Cap1 accounts, they are the same account, the new Cap1 update shows me as an "Authorized User" next to "Responsibility". And it's On Time, with no missed payments, ever, green check in every month for 2 years.


Now Turbo app says I have a new authorized user for my Cap1 account.


Still waiting on all other apps to update and show me the same thing, including on myFICO.


Has anyone ever been updated as an authorized user on their very own already-charged-off account?


Before I call Cap1 and ask them I just want to see what this forum knows. But no answer yet, so I may have to call them tomorrow morning.

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Re: Confused about new report

Okay i'm an idiot...


I'm an authorized user on my mother's card and it's just now reporting. 


False alarm.

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