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Constant problems with Citi online logging on

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Constant problems with Citi online logging on

There was a previous post on this, and I wanted to reply, but was not able to do so.

So here is my response:


A couple of months ago, I had the same problem with my Citi Double Cash, although wife's Citi Costco worked fine. Everytime I tried to log in, it would ask me numerous security questions. I answered correctly, but it would tell me the answer was wrong and block me out( I mean, I think I know the city where I was born and my own birthdate).


No matter what I did, it kept blocking me out. CSRs knew nothing, as usual.


Finally, out of desperation, I downloaded Citi mobile to my phone, with a different password, and it worked fine. However, man does not live by phone alone, and I grew frustrated not being able to get it on the computer.


I was at the point where  I was going to sockdrawer the card and just convert my Chase Freedom to Unlimited and use that.


Then, miraculously, I must have reached the point where they ( the credit card Gods at Citi?) finally decided that I was who I said I was, and it started working.


However, as blissful as things are  Smiley Very Happy, I will not put up with this again, not even for 2%. Next time this happens, I WILL convert Freedom to Freedom Unlimited and take the 1.5% for everyday spending. Citi is way too high maintenance, and life is too short (at my age) to worry about the extra half percent. It won't change my lifestyle !!

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Re: Constant problems with Citi online logging on

You're not alone. I had a period of several weeks where it kept kicking me out and making me change my password even though it was correct. Couldn't log in. It eventually somehow fixed itself.


Citi IT is and always has been a total mess.

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Re: Constant problems with Citi online logging on

I too was having problems on Citi's website until last week when it seemed to work just fine. I am not very impressed with Citi's IT department. Citi's website is not the most user-friendly that I have come to expect from a prime lender.

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Re: Constant problems with Citi online logging on

Funny.  I have had the same exact problem recently too. Hopefully they fix the glitch.

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Re: Constant problems with Citi online logging on

I’ve had the same issues with my Citi DC. It’s my least favorite card. I’m not about that high maintenance life.

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Re: Constant problems with Citi online logging on

I get the same thing every now and then (where it tells me my username or whatever is incorrect even though it is)...I usually just clear out the cookies/history for citi in Firefox and then it goes through ok.

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