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Contacted by Creditors

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Re: One are you married separate your credit use credit as a...

Hi credit12!
LOL!, No I am not that bad off...but in a relative sense (income vs debt) it might as well be a million dollars! And no, I am not married, so no sharing option available.
You said 'open a company corp.'  Do you you mean a business account?  If that is what you meant, how do I do that and NOT use my SS#?
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Re: amethyst,   All three credit bureaus offer so-called &quo...

Wal*Mart??? WalMart has credit service?  Jeez, is there a penny of our money that Wal*Mart does NOT want?  Totally off topic, go here:
But I would have to give them my SS# and the other poster suggested that I don't use it for anything for a while. Do you agree?
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Re: Contacted by Creditors

Walmart actually has no direct involvement with it. It's still TrueCredit thru TransUnion. For Walmart, they are simply marketing for TransUnion. Heh, if the power of Walmart can save me $3+ a month doing credit rehab, I'll take it.
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