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Convergence Outsourcing T-Mobile - Who Authorizes the 3 CB's o_0

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Convergence Outsourcing T-Mobile - Who Authorizes the 3 CB's o_0

757 FICO (meh) - I recently had to cheque my ego, I was allowing these limits and numbers or my 'Dr' title to define me or make feel grand like they matter if a nuclear bomb is 4 minutes out, or a meteor is 11 minutes away, or I am hungry or see someone else who is hungry, wage slavery, divide and conquer the masses, etc. what's $ if I have no soul, no MIND- anyways - I have credit with all the key players and will work on letting these accounts settle. I have no past dues, collections, etc. Utilization is 38% and several recently opened accounts. Moving forward, I happen to log into Credit karma last week and noticed an NEW COLLECTIONS! Convergent Outsourcing - T-Mobile - it appeared to only be showing on my TransUnion - I immediately called them to dispute. Which leads me to this thread.

I do not recall authorizing any of these credit reporting agencies to record data on me or setup a file - obviously I am aware how credit works in theory - but I am just sick of these archaic ' security' measures - first of all they so casually ask for social security #, and other personal information and I don't conduct business over the phone with anyone releasing private information, I am not understanding why we have to call and speak to people who live in India and not America, how they can refuse to assist you if they feel you didn't provide enough of your arm , leg, or blood just to gain access to your information. Scripted answers and responses.
Did they require me to mail them a COPY OF MY SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, I.D, etc.....when they created the record under my name? NO! So you shouldn't need this information when I am calling in to service the same information. Did the creditor who just puts stuff on your credit report have to provide proof of my social etc...NO! But they can just report on your credit - what if this (and I have read it happens to others) ok so you are checking your credit casually and notice a collections you are not aware of, well what if your other creditors see this and decide to take action on your accounts with them based off this activity - it is not fair! Unnecessary stress! So you dispute it and have to wait 30 days up to for resolution, Credit karma doesn't provide full account information and you can't view your TransUnion online but you can dispute by phone, who also can't release any account numbers ' for security purposes' so when you have filed your complaints with the proper agencies the debt collector acts oblivious trying to get you to reveal PERSONAL PRIVATE information - while you wait for an 'investigation'  to have the account # ,etc. I digress
Who gave the credit bureaus authority and why do we as citizens just blindly follow whatever they make up and say - who advocates for our interests and why the people not have a say on how WE want our credit to be scored, affected, etc. - for instance inquires - there shouldn't be a record of who viewed what or used as a scoring mechanism and used against you. Can you imagine having your 3.9 GPA go down a point each time a university reviewed the REPORT or saw your other applications(inquires)....what makes credit any different. My relationship with Bank A is with Bank A not Bank B! Chase shouldn't know I have a Discover or Citi or I had an inquiry with Amex. 

Lenders should see category generic information i.e. - total credit access, total monthly payments, length, 30/60/90 late pays, income, etc. there is no privacy whatsoever - and the whole hard/soft is soooo stupid - my score shouldn't go down because it was reviewed - then you want me to pay MONEY to access MY credit report  or ' monitor ' it  or "once"  a year I can request- how can you not see this as a scam, another reason for us to be charged etc. a reason for them to EXIST!. I am just venting right now because we are powerless it seems(and the subsequent replies in disagreement or condescending tone will further prove my point, 'we' can't even come together so they continue to win)- at the mercy of ambiguous laws, incompetent staff, and archaic methods of ' verification ' .  It takes years to build your credit, and SECONDS to have it expletive up! Then YOU have to spend your time fixing someone else's mistake ! Who the double hockey stick would send someone a photocopy of their SS card and I.D o_0 - NEVER!

Can we OPT OUT of doing business with a particular credit bureau , like have our data removed as they oblivious dont do a good job handling it. I know I am younger but still how people support these systems that do not support us is so silly to  me, humans just blindly adhering to MESS! it doesn't have to be so vague, so difficult, and often times you have those who ' make it ' and feel like it worked for me so it should work for you etc.....they are a part of the problem not the solution. Idk I just don't understand who set up these 3 major bureaus and why we don't have any say really, I see why I didn't use credit for several years! I see why humanity is in turmoil and just a conglomerate of TRASH! FILTH! And Vile! displays of action...Chutzpah! 
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Re: Convergence Outsourcing T-Mobile - Who Authorizes the 3 CB's o_0

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the primary statute that attempts to impose limitations on the credit reporting agencies.  I would suggest, if you feel that additional limitations are needed, that you contact your senator or congressman with suggested changes.

FCRA 602 reads:




“602. Congressional findings and statement of purpose [15 U.S.C. § 1681]


(a)        Accuracy and fairness of credit reporting. The Congress makes the fol-lowing findings:


(1)       The banking system is dependent upon fair and accurate credit reporting. Inaccurate credit reports directly impair the efficiency of the banking system, and unfair credit reporting methods undermine the public confidence which is essential to the continued functioning of the banking system.


(2)       An elaborate mechanism has been developed for investigating and evaluating the credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, and general reputation of consumers.


(3)       Consumer reporting agencies have assumed a vital role in assembling and evaluating consumer credit and other information on consumers.


(4)       There is a need to insure that consumer reporting agencies exercise their grave responsibilities with fairness, impartiality, and a respect for the consumer’s right to privacy.


(b)        Reasonable procedures. It is the purpose of this title to require that consumer reporting agencies adopt reasonable procedures for meeting the needs of commerce for consumer credit, personnel, insurance, and other information in a manner which is fair and equitable to the consumer, with regard to the confidentiality, accuracy, relevancy, and proper utilization of such information in accordance with the requirements of this title. “

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