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Corrections to my credit report

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Re: Corrections to my credit report

2NE1 wrote:
If it was 'reported on March 2011' perhaps it's because one of your accounts still reports that address. Did you apply to any new credit with that address when you used to live there?

For example: in my case, I lived at a different county 7 years ago when I applied to my student loans, now that I've had two changes of addresses in the last 6 years, I tried to get get the CRAs to remove the 7 year old address but CSR told me it can't be done because my student loans are still reporting that old address even though they send their statements to my current address. But honestly I wouldn't bother having old addresses deleted unless they never belonged to me, cause then that would be a problem of ID theft.

That's a great suggestion, thanks.  I wondered who could still be reporting that address, but I assumed changing my address with the creditor would change what they report as well.  Maybe not, eh?  I know I must have applied for both a mortgage and a car loan while I lived there, but both were paid and closed long ago.  Possibly a credit card that's still current.  At least the short durantion when I lived there would narrow down the search for that.

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