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Thanks Brammy

for that bit of news.  I heard that they were going to start reporting limits but not until 2008.  Hopefully you are right and it is sooner.  That would really help me, especially if I somehow managed to get a card that had more than $300 on it.  For now I guess, I'll have to live with my Household Bank and Cap One card.  It's a start I suppose and maybe in a couple of years when stuff starts to fall off, I'll be able to get a "real" card.
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Lake,   CU's are usually pretty good to their members, so...

CU's are usually pretty good to their members, so since you already have a positive history with them they should approve you.  BUT - please be careful.  Credit unions often require you to "cross-collateralize" with other accounts you have with them.  That means they can take your car if you fall behind on any other accounts.  If they force you to cross-collateralize in order to get the new loan for the credit card you may want to think twice.  If you have any equity in your car, sign a cross-collateral agreement for the new loan, and fall behind on that new loan, then they will go after your car.  So, look at the "fine print" or any separate agreements they put in front of you.
*not legal advice
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