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Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

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Re: Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

BINGO! Vantage is the culrit. If we all took Vantage scores/changes seriously we'd all be on a benzodiazapines for anxiety. Please use them for alerts only. Ignore the scores. Yes Sync uses them. But not everyone has a Sync card. You can get a free FICO score on the banner on top of every page here. Glad you verified and re-listed your post.

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Re: Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

@nlsnyder80 Personally I do not understand Vantage scores that well although I try to understand. I refer to them as hybrid however FICO is the standard of judging your report. You can purchase separate reports or all three to review. I even believe that Experian will give a free 3 Bureau report for a trial of 7 days after which you will need to cancel or keep for a monthly fee. 

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Re: Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

@nlsnyder80 wrote:

No not at all. I'm just super frustrated with it all. I didnt expect score increase but i definitely wasnt expecting such a big drop. I check everything practically daily. Have paid all my debt off except for a tiny bit on two cards. ($3600). The other 10 cards are currently at zero. Total credit limit 75k. My score has been steadily increasing the entire last year. I was feeling super confident I would hit close to 800 or over this next year. Having excellent credit is super important to me. Made lots of mistakes in the past and just was really proud of myself about how far I had came. 


Currently going over all my reports line by line seeing what changed and trying to figure out what happened. 


I appreciate all of the input and advice. 😊


It's vantage scoring that's showing the drop. 

As mentioned by others, Vantage scores are bound to drive most folks bonkers due to their known fluidity. If a gnat lands on Vantage, scores plummet, but if a dragonfly lands on it, scores rise 🤷‍♂️  The Vantage models have some usefulness for other things, just not for what most financial institutions tend to use.

Do you have access to your FICO scores? You will definitely see a much different spectrum once you obtain them or if you decide to track them. 

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Re: Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

I checked my FICO scores and they haven't changed at all, limit increases all showing. So crisis averted. Lesson learned, not to stress over vantage scoring models. Thank you for all the the help and knowledge. Very much appreciated. 😊

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Re: Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

Thank you for the follow up @nlsnyder80 .


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Re: Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

vantage score or fico?

@nlsnyder80 wrote:

I had 3 credit cards increase my limits this last month. Two were soft pulls and one was an auto increase. Nothing else has changed. No new inquiries, no new tradelines. Total credit utilization is less then 5%. My score dropped 36 points on one and 28 on another from the limit increases. Experian shows the limit increases but no change in my score. What the heck? Will it go back up? I've been gardening since December of 2022. Feeling devastated right now.

Vantage score or fico

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Re: Credit Limit Increases and score dropped?

It was Vantage scoring that showed the drop. FICO scores are unchanged. 😊

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