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Credit One Bank Charge Off Removed

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Credit One Bank Charge Off Removed

I have a Credit One Bank Charge Off that was paid for less than full in 2015 to LV FUNDING, LV funding thnakfully did not report it ever to beareus. 


I called Credit One Bank today and asked if there was any chance they would remove it from the credit beareu's, the agent agreed and said the beareus's would be notified and the tradeline would be removed from all thre beareu's within 60 days. 


I asked if there was something he could send me showing this was the case, he offered to mail me a letter, I asked for email and he said fax only so I gave him one and 20 mins later I got a letter confirming it!


I'm kinda in shock that they agreed to it, and even faxed me something right away, the letter stated that they were deleting the tradeline and notifying the beareus but I wanted to to send the letter too.


I called Experian who said that they would need to verify it, she said she would call and confirm. She called on three way and the agent confirmed it was being removed. The experian agent then told mei it will be removed within 48 hours.


I called Equifax who refused to remove until they were notified by Credit one


and Transunion said I can fax them the letter with a cover page explaining and if they find the document sufficient they will remove within 5 business days.


Any thoughts? 




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Re: Credit One Bank Charge Off Removed

The CRAs only delete upon reporting of a deletion from the party who furnished the information.

They dont delete based on input from the consumer, even if confirmed by a furnisher, of their intent to do something.


The CRA is acting properly.

Additionally, CRA policy informs creditors not to delete reporting based on the consumer having paid the debt, as the CRAs are in business to sell complete credit histories, and do not support subjective deletion of information that is not inaccurate.


You need to get the creditor to actually submit a formal deletion with the CRA.

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Re: Credit One Bank Charge Off Removed

Can you please send me the contact info as well?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Credit One Bank Charge Off Removed

What did you tell them to get it deleted? I'm dealing with them also. Do you have a contract for them?

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