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Credit Reporting Time Periods

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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

Lol...TNWM..I know how you feel. I too have a child support order from Cali and the way they rung me through the mud was like jail! I dont have a problem with paying, but atleast be fair. I live in Indiana and was stationed in sandiego at the sub-marine base (point loma). My child was born in '93. I got out in '95. I was paying her mother like clock work every two weeks...we had no court order. '98 she money orders comes back to me return to sender..western union not being picked up...2 months turn to 4..4 turns to 2 yrs..all this time im looking for my daughter. One day an HR person at my job calls my cell (i was loved at asking if i had a daughter in Cali. Well come to find out..she filled for support and i got hit with a $20,000 arrears bill! Along with a $400.00 a month child support bill. I coulnt beleive it!! And Im supporting my two other kids. Fast forward 6 yers still fighting it. No where can you find free service to help the male in these situations. Everyone wants money or you make too much for legal aid to help. (I was only bringing home $97 a week at one point..then it jumped to $127 a week...10/hr) The court will give you the paperwork..but cant help you fill it out (but they will help the mother!!!) Then i stumble across a lil site in cali that charges a fee to help you with it. I sent tem the money and the paperwork and about 3 weeks later..they sent my money back saying they no longer charge for this service ($200)..I knew then my luck was turning Well 3 months later..we had a phone hearing and low and behold..she dropped the case (might have been the envelope i copied and sent to the ppl who help me file with her address on it..cause she said she didnt know where i was located or where i i guess she seen a fraud case commin) But you know Cali had to still get a piece of the pie. It went from $20,000 to $5,000 in 1 week...they said i had to pay back from the time she was on some aid.  OH western union only keep records for 2 yrs!
Guess what..the even put that on my credit report...deliq from the gate!
So in short..Cali will get you good on child support.

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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

OK... I am just getting into this and in need of a little help here...Going back to the first post on this string as far as expirations
So, if a CRA has an item listed on it, that is over that time period I can request that it be removed?  If so, what letter form do I use, a GW? Do I need to have the last date that the account was delinquent and include that in the letter?
Thanks ahead of time!

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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

You stated that Closed Accounts (with del.) remain for 7 years after they are reported closed. And Delinquencies remain for 7.5 years from the date it is initially reported del.? I'm Confused!!
I have an account that I opened in January 2001, PIF/Closed (by me) in April 2005. Last Del reported March 2004.
OK, does this account stay on my CR 7 years from April 05 (date pif&closed) or from March 04 (date last del. reported)???
Thaanks in advance.....Smiley Wink
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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

Wow, just found this thread.  I have a Speigel account showing on Experian, which is now paid was in collection, and was a charge off...thru my debt management plan (and even before then) I had an arranged pay off....but the Experian has it as 25 late (over 90 days) payments.  From looking at the first post on this list, it looks like the drop off date would be 7 years from the first delinquincy...about 4 years ago.  Neither of the other 2 cb show it like problems, but not the 25 over 90 day payments.  I disputed it, nothing happenened (other than an email saying it was being investigated).  I tried again the other day, and  it said I can't dispute because they have already researched and is valid.
If it really will drop off in 3 years or so, no big deal, since it is my low score.  I am buying a house right now, may want to refinance in a few years when all the baddies drop off.  But, since I was making payments until a few months ago, and it reflects that, I am concerned that they might go by that date instead (although I know that is contrary  to what is indicated in the thread).  Should I try something like a GW letter, or is it too late for something like that?  and would it be to Spiegel or the CA (which is uncontactable as far so far for me, never got statements or anything).

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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

Yes, try a GW!
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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

What is an SOL and GW?
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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

mberry117 wrote:
What is an SOL and GW?

Hi, mberry, please click on the Frequently Requested Threads link on the post above yours. Credit Scoring 101 is the starter thread. Here's the abbreviations thread:
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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods


Thank you so much. I knew about most -- but certainly not all of what you said. Always learning something new! I never knew about the 2 year rule for lost cards. I have lost cards on my account (no deliquencies) for over 7 years now!! I thought it was 10 years they had to stay on.

Thanks again, Carol
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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

Hello Tuscani,
    I have read the FRCA document from start to finish, and I cannot find ANY statement that allows an UNPAID tax lien to remain for a period of FIFTEEN years.
Can you please advise?
Thank you.
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Re: Credit Reporting Time Periods

Hi, M here, slowly rebuilding back to "prime".  Went from 560 10/07 to 619 in 03/08!  Next stop +700!!!

Have a few questions for you all though,

From review of credit reports, what year/date is 7-year aging rule applied to?

  • Date opened
  • Reported since
  • Date of Status
  • Last Reported

I have several negative accounts/collections that have been paid from 2002-2005.  I am curious when they will no longer be reported.   Some items indicate status details such as "This account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2008) but others do not. 

Also, I recently paid off credit cards that were delinquent from 2001.  The dates opened are 05/2001 and 09/2001; however, the last reported dates are 10/2007 and 02/2008.  By paying the debts did I inadvertently "reage" the? 



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