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Credit Score dramatically dropped / Return is MIA

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Credit Score dramatically dropped / Return is MIA

Any and all suggestions are appreciated in advance!

Short & sweet: I ordered, I returned everything, package is now missing, I was out of state due to a family medical situation, credit scores have dropped today: Equifax down 49 points and Experian down 38 points.


Background:  In March, I placed an order through Roaman's because for some reason I have an account with them but I don't shop with them. I decided to use the account simply to keep the account active and I needed to have an outfit for an event I was managing the evening of April 13. The items arrived but the materials were of very poor quality so I placed all the wrapped items back into the original shipping bag and placed the "No postage necessary" return shipping label on the bag.  Thank heavens I took a photo of that label!  I dropped the very well sealed bag into the outgoing mail at the US Post Office on April 14 - I remember the date because I left early that morning to drive to Florida due to my Dad having heart surgery and I'm his only legal/blood next of kin so I had to be there.

While I was in Florida for an extended stay to be on hand to help my Dad in his recovery, I received an email saying my Roaman's statement was ready for viewing. I attempted to log in but was unable to do so because I didn't know my account number. I called Customer Service to explain that I needed to log into my account to see if a return package had credited yet but I could not pass Go without that blessed account number.  The customer service rep wouldn't even give me any info about my account because, you guessed it, I couldn't tell them my account number.  However, I was informed that the account number would be on the hard copy statement....which would be 1,300 miles away back in Dallas in my mailbox awaiting me to pick it up. 

I called a 2nd time to Customer Service later that week hoping to speak to a rep that would be more accommodating but that rep literally read me the same script 4 times.

I was incredibly frustrated because I take my credit scores very seriously ever since I received a letter from the US Department of Justice notifying me of my "Victim ID" number as evidently my info was sold by Experian to a crime ring -- I seriously cannot make this up. By the time I found out about that clusterfluff, the culprit had already been prosecuted and sent to jail. But, I did receive 3 years of courtesy credit monitoring from Experian (that started 2 months ago) and I pay my monthly membership to MyFico to monitor everything. 

NONE of my payments have been late to any creditor....until now.

 I finally received a call from a rep at Comenity Bank earlier this month -- who handles the Roaman's credit card -- and I explained to her that I had made efforts to find out the status of my return and/or to log into the account and see the status.  However, since I was unable to provide my account number, none of the reps would assist me.  I explained that I had returned home a few days earlier and had the Roaman's statement but where it says "Account Number" at the top, only the last 4 digits appeared.  That rep informed me to look at the myriad of numbers at the bottom of the statement and told me how to read where my account number was in the line of numbers.  

The rep said she would have a Supervisor call me to address the situation regarding the status of my return; no one has ever called.

Now that I had the account number, I was able to login and saw that there was still no credit pending and it had been weeks since I mailed the package back. I did pay the $39 the account was asking me for. 

I reviewed my photos on my phone and found the image showing the USPS Parcel Return Service tracking number and it is showing the "Label created, not yet in system. A status update is not yet available on your package. It will be available when the shipper provides an update or the package is delivered to USPS. Check back soon."  TRANSLATION: Your package is Missing!

Even though I made several attempts to find out the status of that return and/or the status of my account, without the account number, I had no options.  So, now I have a missing package, an original order of $238.10 for which I have none of the items in my posession, that amount is now up to $317.88 since I was unable to log in and pay without an account number and late fees have been applied....and 2 of my credit scores had a free fall today.  Equifax down 49 points and Experian down 38 points; no update from TransUnion yet.

At this point, I will gladly pay the balance due in full -- even though I don't have any of the items -- simply to have Comenity/Roamans remove the damage they have done to my credit scores today.   I have no intention of ever purchasing from Roamans again after seeing the quality of their merchandise, but there must be some way of addressing this issue when Comenity/Roamans makes it so incredibly challenging to log into an account and/or simply receive information from one of their customer service reps.

For any and all that has taken the time to read this tale of woe -- thank you.  For any suggestions, tips, names & mailing addresses for the CEO's of Roamans/Comenity, I thank you in advance for that too!  There simply must be a way to contest this business model and rectify my credit scores.

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Re: Credit Score dramatically dropped / Return is MIA

Is your account now 30 days late?


I would contact your state AG consumer affairs dept (


Although I live in another state, I had success getting Commenity to reverse "account protection" fees that were charged to my only card with that bank when phone calls didn't work, by writing my AGs consumer protection office. They contacted Commenity on my behalf and within 30 days i received a check for 18 months of fees.


My credit scores were not affected so I cannot say how removing late payments from CRAs is enforced by the state AG office.


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Re: Credit Score dramatically dropped / Return is MIA

Thank you for this suggestion!


I'm filing with the USPS regarding the lost package too. 


I have screen captures from June 16 showing that is the day I registered for a Roamans account (meaning that's the day I figured out how to read my account number from the statement). Also, the immediate adjoining emails also show me adding a checking account for payment and then an email confirming I made a payment. 


Unfortunately, that was already more than 30 days late.


But, I'm not going to let this slide.  Honestly, if I pay $43+ a month to subscribe to MyFico to be proactive about my credit, what are the chances I would take a risk with my credit scores over a $39 payment to Comenity?  

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