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Credit Scores

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Credit Scores

Hi guys. I'm new here so please direct me to the correct thread if I'm off. I am just curious about the speard of my credit scores. I pulled my Experian report in Oct. 2012 and my credit score was 682 back then. Now, last week I wanted to check all three just to verify that they are reporting my new name (after divorce).

I pulled myFICO. and what I got was EX: 618, EQ: 680, TU: 673. Naturally I was shocked to se EX: 618 especially since I was waiting for my last 2 hard inquaries to fall off in August and expected to break 700. So I then pulled the 3-report from experian and got the following numbers: EX: 762, EQ:762, TU: 681. I was also surprised that Experian and Equifax were not showing my closed Amex (had it only for 3 months) and my paid collection (settled about 2 yrs ago). 

Now, since EQ and TU were not reporting my new name I called them with the update and ordered separate reports from them. Equifax came back with a score of 714 and no report of my Amex or collections and TransUnion came back with 793 and reporting everything. Later I found out that the 793 is something called the Vantage score and has a different scale. I then logged into CK and got a page saying my TU score is 723.


I am at a total loss. Getting a range from 618 to 783 is really not helping. Does anybody know which ones are the most accurate? Why did EX and EQ stop reporting my Amex and collection (not that I care to have my collection back) thanks in advance for any help.


As far as my finances go I have one Chase Freedom (since January  2010) (back then my EX was 740) with 5K limit and pay it off in full almost every month. At most I occasionally carry over a balance under 1k. In December 2010 I got my green Amex but in the frist week of March I got a letter they are closing my account and received no explanation other that the standartized "it could be for one of the following reasons..." bull**bleep** despite numerous calls. I oreder my EX report again and found out my score tanked to 585 becasue of 1200 medical bill that was sent to my old address. (I guess one slipped thru) I paid that and since then I've been recovering and slowly moving up to 682 in Oct 2012.

Since I have no inquaries, yesterday I applied for Citi Diamond Preferred and got an automatic 6k limit and got approved for Discover it (although no word on the limit yet)

Chase Freedom 5k, Citi Diamond Preferred 6k, Discover IT
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Re: Credit Scores

Unless you received your Experian score from here, they would not be true FICOs. As far as why some accounts and others are not, you might have a split file. Contact Experian and let them know that TLs are not reporting and it may be due to the name change. Keep in mind, if the TL is actually deleted, you will not be able to have it added.

Good luck!
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Re: Credit Scores

@Alex2211 wrote:

Does anybody know which ones are the most accurate?

Accuracy isn't just a matter of which score but which report it is based on.  If a report isn't accurate then the score won't be accurate.  The only scores that really matter are your FICO's.  FAKO's will vary as they don't use the same algorithm.

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