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Credit and Suicide

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Re: Credit and Suicide

I hate to say it but I know there feeling. I had that thought but my kids are what kept me from doing that and then I found this site and thanks to you all that feeling is going away. It has been a hard road but every time something comes off or my score goes up it feels good. I have 4 teenagers and try my hardest to teach them not to go here. I tell them to only buy in there means and if they get CC's to use them as debit cards like I do now. Only buy if you have the cash after all bills are paid. 2 of our teenagers have jobs and are only allowed to spend 50 to 75 dollars a week the rest has to be saved. (they bring home about 350.00 wk my oldest works 5 days a week) and my next to the oldest only works weekends she dont drive yet and she brings home between 220.00 and 300.00 in a weekend. I hope we are teaching them the wright way. I just pray this dont happen to them. We have always talked to our kids even when they were really little about finances. Good Luck to all.
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