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Credit freeze? WTheck?

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Credit freeze? WTheck?

I have been wondering what the heck is going on with my credit reports.  Just discovered that Experien has my account on a credit freeze.  Something I never initiated with them.  I tried signing up for the freebie thing through Discover to get my Experien report and that message popped up.   So, if Experien is frozen, I wonder if the other two are as well?  What I REALLY want to know is who put it on a freeze????  Would that have been something that happened as a result of filing Chapter 7 last summer????  Anyone have any insight on it?

UPDATE:  So I got through to a live person at Experian (shocking) but found out, per them, there is no freeze at all on my file but that it is some sort of error in their database.  She is sending me a hard copy of my current report and asked that I check it carefully, which, of course I will do.  If you are wondering how to get a live person at Experian, those 1-800 and 1-888 numbers are caacaa.  Call 714-830-7000 and don't press 1 for an individual, press 2 for business.  Then, when they answer do the old, "Oops, I pressed the wrong button".  They will connect to a real live agent.  Smiley Happy

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