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Credit freeze/lock before accounts report

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Credit freeze/lock before accounts report

Good morning all,


Just as soon as I get my finances and cards squared away, the EQ breach happens. This isnt the first time I've had to deal with a data breach, but the first time while I've had open accounts. 


There's no question I need to lock things up in light of the situation. The problem is, I only have one card reporting (and only on TU/EX, my Discover isn't showing on EQ according to CreditKarma yet); the other two will report for the first time later in the month. Will security actions on my report affect these at all? 


FWIW, I do have an Experian monitoring subscription that I was planning on cancelling now that I have all the cards I want; I was just using it to check my score as the accounts came online. Additionally, my bank offers a rudimentary credit monitoring service through SecureChecking. Lastly, I don't plan on applying for any more LoCs for a long, long time.

FICO: 757 EX. Cards: Disco IT $2200; WaFed Amex Cash $2500; BCE $18,000 Amex Plat NPSL

For everything else, there's Debit MasterCard.
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Re: Credit freeze/lock before accounts report

Don't worry. A freeze will not stop your cards from reporting. You will also be able to use CK, MyFico and other monitoring services as usual. A freeze only keeps anyone from opening new credit in your name.

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