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Credit/loan advice

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Credit/loan advice

I'll throw a little background out here quickly.
I'm 19. Make about 23k a year. Live on my own.
Rent is about 600 a month includin utils. 100 for phone.
Got my first card in June of 2011. 300 limit. Second card June 2012. 1000 limit. The next three months I got a 1000 limit card. 300 limit card. 800 limit card. And 500 reserve line for my checking account.
Also have a $100 subsidized loan at Centris, to build credit.

No late or missed payments on cards, bills, rent, or any of that.

Metro Credit union rates my score at 653. Another site told me 661.

I'm looking to purchase a motorcycle. The bike is 5k. I'd need full financing.

So far, my bank told me I would need a score of 700 for a personal loan. Centris told me I'd need a cosigner. As well as Metro, and the dealership.

I have no access to a cosigner. As for saving money to pay cash, it would take me too long, and I'm impatient, lol

Advice? On either building the credit, or finding somewhere to finance without a cosigner?
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Re: Credit/loan advice

What is the utilization on your revolving.  Are any of the cards maxed out or near maxed out?

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Re: Credit/loan advice


the 800 card is at 300 balance

1000 card is at 600

500 reserve limit at 0

300 card at 20

other 1000 card at 600

other 300 card is at 150.



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Re: Credit/loan advice

The quickest way to gain points is to bring down your utilitzation. 


Have all but one card report a 0 balance and one report at 9% or below.  YMMV so you may try having 2 or 3 report 0 and the rest report at 9% or below.  You might have to experiment to see where your best results are.


FICO doesn't like to see all revolving at a 0 balance.  And also, FICO has no memory.   It only sees what is on your current report.

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