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Credit offer for minor?

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Credit offer for minor?

I'm not sure if this is the correct category for my question.  My 14 yr old got an offer for a Discover It student card today. How do the pre-screened offers work? Are they always generated from the CRAs' info? Is there another way they would get her info for an offer? They are clearly marketing it to her as a soon-to-be college student. (she's barely a HS freshman)  Finding this in the mail today was disconcerting since she should have no credit report . Thanks

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Re: Credit offer for minor?

No, unsolicited offers for credit do not always occur based on info from a CRA.


The FCRA establishes a service to creditors who do not want to send mass mailings of offers for credit to consumers who likely will not qualify.

Creditors can send specified criteria to a CRA and obtain a listing of only consumers who meet the stated criteria, thus increasing the chances of qualification should the consumer then apply.  Offers made based on a listing provided by a CRA are considered to be "firm offers for credit," which are defined in the FCRA as offers that must be granted if the consumer applies and is found, based on a full credit report, to still meet the stated criteria.


Creditors can also obtain consumer names and addresses by many other means without obtained a screening listing from a CRA.

Such offers will not refer to their name having been obtained from a listing provided by a CRA, and are not considered as a "firm offer for credit" as defined in the FCRA.


As for minors, the CARD Act provides specific qualification requirments for credit card offers to those under the age of 21.

Basically, it requires that the minor either have a co-signor that is at least 21, or first provide a showing to the potential creditor of their independent means to handle the potential debt.

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Re: Credit offer for minor?

Is she an authorized user on someone's card?

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Re: Credit offer for minor?

I added my daughter as an auth user on a card. This was to help her have a hand up when she is of legal age. Since then she has received many offers for credit cards. The offers state do not delay! She responds" I will have to delay for at least 3 years". LOL

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