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Credit report locked, can’t unlock because I only have ITIN

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Credit report locked, can’t unlock because I only have ITIN

I am a foreign national who travels to the US every year. I opened my first BoA credit card 4yrs ago without a SSN. I have always paid my card balance in full amount and my FICO credit score is over 780. Later I opened another BoA card and two Amex platinum cards without SSN. I went on to open a Chase credit card but they asked for my SSN even after I told them I had credit score and history. Therefore, I gave them my ITIN for the application. However, they said they couldn't locate any credit report associated with my ITIN and rejected my application. I then used my Amex app to check my credit report. However, when I entered my ITIN it showed that the number I entered did not match my credit file. I entered three times and my credit report got locked. I called transunion and they said they said they were unable to unlock my credit report without a SSN because ITIN was ineligible for a credit report. 

I then checked my Amex platinum card spending power and found out it was reduced from $100k to $30k. It’s been a month now but my credit score still shows Oct and was not updated. My situation is a bit unusual. Is there any way to contact TransUnion’s supervisor team to get my credit report unlocked? I don't want to see my 4yrs credit history go wasted

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Re: Credit report locked, can’t unlock because I only have ITIN

Have you tried to get your 3 free reports from annual credit reports? If that doesnt work. Try mailing in a request for a report. Is this only with TU? 

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