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Credit score and monitoring from TU?

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Credit score and monitoring from TU?

I did not know the best place to post this so I just put it in the SmorgasBoard section.


I already subscribe to ScoreWatch from myFICO and I am wanting to monitor my TU credit report as well.  I noticed that TU does offer a score and report monitoring service and I was wanting to know if it provides an acutal FICO score?  Does anyone here use it?  If so, what are your thoughts and recommendations?  Any reviews of their monitoring service would be appreciated.



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Re: Credit score and monitoring from TU?

Unfortunately the only places to buy your TU FICO is via myFICO and your lender. You can also get it for free at certain CUs as part as a benefit or service, along with the free TU FICO from Wal-Mart's CCs. Because the list is short, treat the FICO monitoring apart and separate from your TU report. You can get your TU report from anywhere.


TransUnion offers a couple of services the last time I checked. One is TrueCredit and the other Zendough. Both offer FAKOs (Vantage). TC offered reports monthly with regular updates (daily still?) on TU only. Zendough I think offers monthly updates. I recommend neither. You can save if you subscribe to a CMS like EIDT or USAA's service. The price is cheaper and you can pull daily. Again, ignore the scores. 

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