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Does anyone here use Do you know how accurate it is?

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I use CK just to know when things pop up on my credit report. They say my score is 604. We are a year into a Ch. 13 BK so this sounds about right but it has been a while since I pulled a score here to compare.

Filed Chapter 13 April 2012. Case successfully closed May 2017, about 1 month after 60th payment. FAKO scores on close date: TU 695 EQ 697. Received discharge July 11th - took forever! Real EX day of discharge 624.
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Credit Karma is about 35 points lower than MyFico for TU score. I've found that is a lot closer than CK is and it's also a free service. But either way, none of them are true Fico scores like MF

Last app 3/21/13
EQ 658 (5/28/13)
TU 608 (5/1/13)
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    Credit Karma's scores are fako scores so I wouldn't put too much stock in them.

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As far as I can tell from mine, they pull from the TU report only.

FICO: EQ 768 | TU 813 | EX 781

Amex BCE $25000, SFFCU Visa $15000 + LOC $5000, USAA Amex $6000, USAA MC $7000, Cap1 $8000, Freedom $12000, Slate $500, Barclays "RIP" SM $11500, USBank Cash+ $7500, Citi Diamond $7900, Citi Double Cash $3700, Care Credit $13500k.
My Credit Repair Journey
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MYFICO and my Credit Karma score are only 15 points different I was surprised but I use Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and as you can see MYFICO they all do different things for me I get different info from each one. If it was not for the advice I got from Credit Karma my T/U would not have gone up 50 points in one day. I had only one car loan from Chase I pay extra and on time but I was very apprehensive to apply but since Credit Karma told me to apply that's the only reason I did and I was approved for a very high balance.
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