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Credits cards and loans....

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Re: Credits cards and loans....

Read the contract of each student loan, they give you options to defer payment such as if you stay in school (even taking classes in community college where you can sign up right away without a lengthly application process), if you have a hardship, if you join the peace corps, etc. There is the option of getting a part time job such as at a local retail store to just pay the minimum loan repayments. Why you are paying the loans if you do the part time job route, start planning for your next step, such as a full tiem job in the field you are interested in. Know your rights by reading the loan agreements.

Credit Cards: AmEx Platinum (NPSL), Citi Prestige ($32K), Simmons ($5.5K), IberiaBank ($14K)
Personal Lines of Credit: U.S. Bank ($5K), Wells Fargo ($11.2K), Citibank ($11.8K), PenFed CU ($25K), LA Financial CU ($20K)
myFICO 3B Report (as of 4/30/16): Experian: Score 8: 786; Mortgage Score 2: 809 Equifax: Score 8: 801; Mortgage Score 5: 809 Transunion: Score 8: 796; Mortgage Score 4: 796
Jumbo Mortgage: 3.75%
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