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Dashboard says 656 but Alert says +4 to 660

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Dashboard says 656 but Alert says +4 to 660

Hope this is the right forum...


I've had excellent experience with MyFICO since I signed up last September however yesterday I got alert that my TU went up 4 points to 660 but my dashboard still reminds at 656. Which is correct?


I should add that when accessing MyFICO app on my iPhone it showed "Error (with codes, I forgot)" showing no scores at all. Today it is ok.





BK7 Filed 3/15, Discharged 6/15

Starting FICO 7/5/15: EQ: 490, TU: 497, EX: 477
Current FICO 3/28/19: EQ: 731, TU: 707, EX: 735

Current Cards my own:
Discover: Opened 11/15, SL: $1,500, Current CL: $6,000
Sears Citi MC: Opened 12/17 SL & Current CL: $5,000

AU on my wife’s cards:
AmEx ED: Current CL: $1,500 (Opened 1/16)
AmEx CMC: Current CL: $22,000 (Opened 11/18)
Chase Freedom Unlimited: Current CL: $11,900 (Opened 4/18)

CitiMortgage, Opened 12/17

My own AmEx Magnet Card, opened 8/20 SL $6,000
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Re: Dashboard says 656 but Alert says +4 to 660

Your dashboard should update when your report generates. Have you bought the TU report, or do you just have an alert on it?

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