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Date of Last Activity on credit report


Date of Last Activity on credit report

Okay, I am in the beginning of trying to fix my horrible credit. First, I am completely overwhelmed and confused. More importantly, when I pulled my credit report, it only lists "date open" and not "date of last activity". Why is this? How do I find out?
My debt occured back in 2001-2003. I am trying to figure out which ones should be off of the report. There is one that is listed as date open 1999 - but I have no idea of the DOLA. Any advice?
I tried to copy and paste my report but it said I had too many characters and wouldn't let me. Does anyone know where I can take my report for someone to help b/c there are soooo many things and I am so confused!!
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Re: Date of Last Activity on credit report

You can get the drop off date from the CRA. DOFD 2001 will drop in Month of 2008 that they have listed.
Date opened has nothing to do with drop off.   see if you can tell when first missed pmt was. sometimes you can guess. Sometimes it is typed in. Or it could say collection as of  stuff lik that.
But CRAs have that info. call them.
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