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Debt Purchased by BOA Around BK Discharge Date

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Debt Purchased by BOA Around BK Discharge Date

My bankruptcy was discharged in August of 2005.  I listed and MBNA account on the bankruptcy.  A few months ago, Bank of America, started listing and account on my online banking list as a debt I owed to them.  This was news to me because I had never obtained a loan/credit from Bank of America.  I called up and was told that Bank of America had purchased MBNA so I now owed them. 
About two months ago this "new" debt was listed on my credit report.  The only problem is that this is the same MBNA debt I discharged with my bankruptcy.  The debt isnt' listed as being included in my bankruptcy. 
I did some checking and I found some articles from June and July of 2005 that spoke about Bank of America purchasing MBNA, but I don't see anything about when the purchase actually happened.  If the purchase happened after my bankruptcy was discharged in August of 2005 shouldn't this debt be listed at being included in my bankruptcy?  Or at removed from my credit report?
Now, if Bank of America purchased MBNA in June or July, since I didn't know about it and still listed MBNA on my bankruptcy as my creditor does that negate me listing it on my bankruptcy?
I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me on how to handle this.
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Re: Debt Purchased by BOA Around BK Discharge Date

Dispute with the credit bureaus. Send in copies of your discharge letter, copy of your list of creditors, you can even send in a copy of that article showing that MBNA was bought out by Bank of America, (this is good for me to know because they were in my BK7 in 2001 and I see an account on my reports) to the credit bureaus as proof that this debt was discharged and included in your bankruptcy.  I would not talk any further to BofA until I got the results of the dispute back.  Send to all 3 CRAs.  It worked for me.
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