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Debt consolidation

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Debt consolidation

What credit consolidation companies are legit and not a scam? Or credit counseling companies someone can recommend? I have around 46% utilization. Dti of 66%. Local banks have denied me loans, so has nasa fcu, local credit unions, lending tree, etc etc etc. anyone have any luck with a personal loan with stats as high as mine?

all feedback is appreciated.



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Re: Debt consolidation

First, can you provide more of your stats, so that we can help? Your scores, inquiries, negatives.

TCL: $306,100Utiliz: 6%AAoA: 5yrs 2mOther: Lease, Loan, *No MortgageCollections-Lates-BK's: 0

LWS-35k | BOA-50k | AMX-32.4k | DISC-33.6k | ALNT-25k | NFCU-33k | BARC-15k | BBUY-12k | CSE-10k | CP1-10k | CITI-11.7k | PF-38.4k

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