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Delay (intentional?) in reporting credit score changes?

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Delay (intentional?) in reporting credit score changes?

I've been on the fence about cancelling my 3B subscription and almost make the call each month just before payment is due. However, I usually hold on because I have pending action that month and want to see how it will affect my scores. For the past two months, however, I've notice that changes to my FICO score show up on my Chase account a week or more before appearing on MyFICO. I can't help but wonder whether updates are intentionally delayed so that subscribers hang on for another month at $30.00. The information is clearly available long before MF posts it. 

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Re: Delay (intentional?) in reporting credit score changes?

Always understand the tools you're using versus assuming things like that.  This is a very common topic:  myFICO is a trigger based service.  Not all activity with a scoring impact is a trigger.  If you want updates with fixed intervals then myFICO is the wrong tool for the job.


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Re: Delay (intentional?) in reporting credit score changes?

MyFico is known to update slowly at times compared to other services for whatever the reason may be. YMMV though

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Re: Delay (intentional?) in reporting credit score changes?

Actually, mmark4848 is right. I have seen and continue seeing a lot of delay on this service. Sometimes big things that should trigger an immediate and big score change don't appear until 1 week later and by that time I already saw them days earlier on my reports.

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