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Derogatory Removal schedule to fall off in August

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Derogatory Removal schedule to fall off in August

I have a derogatory entry on my TU report; I just obtain the TU report ($11.50) from TU and the adverse information states: All,Remarks: >PAID COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 08/2014 I'm too excited; it has been on my report for well over 6 years. The information dropped off from EX and EQ and my scores went up 40 points. The question I have is when will it actually be reflected on the reports (begging, middle, and or end of month)? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
EQ - 812 (CCT) 5/29/17 / EX- 819 (CCT) - 5/29/2017 / TU - 812 - 5/29(CCT) / Util - 2% / AA0A - 6 years, 8 months

Diners Club Prestige - $40K; Amex ED - $18K; Amex BCE - $5K; Chase CSP - $6K; Chase Freedom Unlimited- $8K; Chase IHG - $17K; Walmart MC - $7.6K; Discover - $12.9K; Merrick - $4850; Credit Care - $2.5K; Pay Pal - 5K; Macy's - $5.2K
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Re: Derogatory Removal schedule to fall off in August

I never tracked the underlying report data that closely, but with Equifax and an ancient tax lien, it appeared to come off beginning of month but I have a non-trivially busy report around that time so it could've been awkward.


It would make sense as it's month/year calculated anyway to do it that way from a backend software perspective.  Needlessly complicated and confusing otherwise.

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