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Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

The last active thread I saw on this topic was in 2010. I used MyFico to pull my credit scores from all 3 credit report agencies along with the detailed report. Based on the score MyFico repored for me on July 2, I began to research lenders that used Equifax as their credit reporting agency, since it was the buruea that had the highest score for me. The bank I chose to pull my credit verified several times that they used Equipfax. I emailed them a copy of my report dated July 2. They pulled my credit July 3rd. It showed a 66 point difference. As a result, my loan application was denied AND my credit score may go down because of the "hard pull". 



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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

Sounds like a very disappointing experience -- sorry.


There are many flavors of FICO scores. Are you positive you're matching "apple to apple"? Care to elaborate on which ones you're using and who the lender is?

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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

Indeed it was. The lender is US Bank. The top of the report I used to pull my score reads "FICO Score 3B report". It is dates July 2 2018.

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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

What are you applying for? Your FICO score should be accurate but it’s possible the lender is using a mortgage score, FICO auto, or FICO Bankcard depending on what you’re trying to get, which can and usually do vary from the straight-up FICO 8.
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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

I was applying for a loan consolidation product. They were running a promo for a line of credit. They called me actually, likely because I have a few accounts with them and have been with them over 15 yrs. I told them let me think about it and call them back. I then ran my credit to valdiate my scores first. I emailed the rep the report. She then suggested a consolidation loan to pay down a couple of cards because whatever product that was, it had a lower interest rate than the 3 cards in question (all with utilization of less than 30%). 


A variance in 66 pts is signifcant. I can live without the loan. It's the fact that I paid for this darn report and use this service to monitor my credit to no avail. I could forgo the expense and time thinking I have a tool of value that really has no value. 

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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

US Bank I believe uses Transunion mortgage 4 score.  I know they do that when you apply for a credit card.  To my knowledge, I haven't heard of them ever pulling Equifax.

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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

I don't think I got this wrong. I asked which credit bureau they used BEFORE I agreed to have my credit ran. As of July 3rd , per US Bank, they pulled Equifax. Even if they used TU, I still qualified based on my TU FICO score as reported by The min was 680. I am above that on TU too per The score US bank said they had was 66 points less than what was repoted on Additionally the score US Bank said I had was siginficantly lower than ANY of the 3 scores reported on 


So again, is this a tool worth using or is there a problem here? 

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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

Do you subscribe to any free services that would alert you when there is an hard pull on your credit?  I just got the Cash+ a few weeks ago and they pull TU.  It sounds like you can't confirm which bureau they pulled.  You say they pull Equifax.  What model were you looking at ....FICO 8, FICO 9, etc?  What is your TU mortgage 4 score?  I suspect you looked at Equifax FICO 8 which was 680 and you thought you would qualify.  However I feel they probably pulled your TU mort 4 score(regardless of what someone told you) and that is the 66 point difference that you can't figure out.  Just trying to help that is all.

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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

I'm trying to get help so that's my primary concern. I don't think this product is what it claims to be ( It reads like you are defending the product without really "hearing" me. In my original post I indicated the exact title of the product I was using, which was MyFico 3B. It gives scores for all 3 agencies And the detailed credit report.

I am not confused about what product I used. Not am I confused about what the bank said.

Why is it that you so sure I am "confused" or unclear if I in my opinion am writing exactly what product I used and exactly what the lender said? Errors occur in software all the time. The free reporting agencies you list don't accurately track FICO scores in my experience. But I guess this one, though not free, doesn't either
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Re: Different Equifax FICO Scores : Lender vs MyFico

The free agencies have Vantage scores so you are correct when you say they do not accurately track your FICO scores.  Don't look at the numbers as those scores are useless to you.  However, the free apps are pretty good at alerting you when you have a hard pull on your credit.  Since you pulled your 3B from here, they are in fact your true FICO scores.  You say someone claims they told you that Equifax was pulled.....ok but they didn't tell you what model they were pulling, they only told you the bureau.  So without knowing what model they were pulling, how do you know there is a 66 point difference in what they pulled and what you expected them to see before your application?

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