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Different Info reported by same CRA between suppliers?????

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Different Info reported by same CRA between suppliers?????

After a bankruptcy in 2004, with the help of MyFico and a lot of work, gw's, pfd's, and time, my reports and scores have felt a good recovery.  In fact, almost all negative items are gone.  I have a question though.  I've pulled my TU and EQ reports from here, 3-1 report from, and EX report from  The information listed on the various reports has me confused.  I can understand the TU report from MyFico looking different formatting/layout wise as the one from Truecredit, however, shouldn't the information reported be the same?  For example, here are the differences between the various reports(not worried about the difference in the scores just the info reported with the same CRA):



TU - 2 "negative accounts" (1 is unrated, the the other is correct, falls off in 1-2 months) Score is 698

TU - Only 1 negative account (which is the one falling off soon) FAKO score of 671



EQ - ZERO Negative accts yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Score 674

EQ - 1 negative account (accurate, waiting for it to age off.  So close!)  FAKO Score 690 (but I like this score better lol)

EX - 2 negative accounts (1 is accurate, waiting for it to age off, 1 is inaccurate (listed as derog) and I'm disputing with OC). FAKO Score 682

EX - 0 delinquent accounts.  FAKO Score 685


Why is there a difference between the reports within the same CRA depending on where you get the report?  Anyone know?  Thanks for your time! 



I should also add, back in January I pulled all three reports from and they were:

TU - 2 negative (same as current MyFico report)

EQ - 1 negative (fell off between Jan and now)

EX - 3 negative (1 is the disputed acct, 1 is the one I'm waiting to age off, and 1 fell off between Jan and now) 


Looks like the reports from MyFico and AnnualCreditReport are reporting the same information. 


CH 7 Filed 7/27/15 Discharged 11/16/15
Starting Score: EQ 620 TU 568 EX 593
Current Score (07/13/16): EQ 674 TU 649 EX 674 (FICO's 08)
Cap1 QS ($5350) (Combined QS and QS1) Discover It ($4100) MilStar ($8,600) Fingerhut ($800)
Off to the garden 05/01/16
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