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Discover Card minimum payment 3 days late

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Re: Discover Card minimum payment 3 days late

OP the Discover rep was semi-correct. Your payment is reported to the bureau. They have to report something about your activity to the bureaus.

The confusion may relate to exactly what information goes to the bureau. I would not expect it to be a 30-day late. But I could be wrong.

What is your FICO score on your latest Discover card statement ?

Setting up autopay on all your credit cards, at least for the minimum from a checking account you always know is funded, is a good baseline of credit management.

Also, get out of the habit of using your debit card. At the very least, if you used your Discover more often, you would get 1% back rather than zero percent back with debit.

Let us know how things work out for the reporting.
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Re: Discover Card minimum payment 3 days late

Anything over thirty days is reported late to the credit reporting agencies.  This will only affect you on credit line increases. Mistakes happen. Call them. They waive their first late fee on each calender year.

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Re: Discover Card minimum payment 3 days late

I haven't read all the other responses, but I can tell you that exactly the same thing happened to me, with the same bank. However, when I called, the CSR said it would not be reportef, but I would have to pay the late fee. So, I called back the next day and spoke to another CSR. He removed the late fee. I would suggest calling until you get what you want from a more friendly CSR.
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Re: Discover Card minimum payment 3 days late

According to their website, and I am checking this out myself they waive you're first calender year late payment AUTOMATICALLY. Now I would call, and mention that. Ask for a one time extension but anything under thirty days will not report.

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Re: Discover Card minimum payment 3 days late

A payment that is late by three days is NOT a reportable to the CRAs as a 30-late.


As clearly stated at several places in the common credit reporting manual used by each of the big-3 CRAs, a late payment is not reportable to the CRA until it has become at least 30 days past the billing due date. 


A consumer becomes delinquent under their account agreement if the min payment is not made by the billing due date.

However, the CRAs dont want to record each and every minor delinquency.  They only accept reporting as 30-late if the payment is not made within 29 days after the billing due date.


If you have a late reported to a CRA that is less than 30 days late from the billing due date, then submit a dispute along with your documentation, such as billing statements, as to its accuracy, citing the CRA reporting manual, titled the Credit Reporting Resource Guide,

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Re: Discover Card minimum payment 3 days late

I once setup autopay on my discover card, tossed the card in my sock drawer and promply forgot about it for 2 years. When I looked at it again, it turns out that the autopay had been setup for the wrong day and I was 2 days late every month for 2 years straight. The late payment fee meant that I actually owed more than I did at the beggining.  Never anything negative on my reports from it, and I did get 2 years worth of late fees and compounding interest removed after a few calls.


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