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Discover Updating TU Credit Reports Sporadically

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Discover Updating TU Credit Reports Sporadically

Has anyone else noticed Discover isn't updating on TransUnion lately? I think they haven't updated on TransUnion since June for me. 

FICO- Experian: 797, TransUnion: 781, Equifax: 804 (Updated Monthly)
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Re: Discover Updating TU Credit Reports Sporadically

No, they updated right on schedule for me last month.  They aren't due to update again until next week.


Personally, I would give it more time to see if it corrects itself.  You can always contact Discover to have them do a mid-cycle update.  Or contact TU to see if there is a problem on their end.

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Re: Discover Updating TU Credit Reports Sporadically

While most creditors update on a regular monthly schedule, updating is not required unless previously reported information has changed such that it is no longer accurate.

FCRA 623(a)(2).

If you have substantive information that is no longer accurate, then the creditor is required to "promptly" update.

The FCRA does not state that it must be monthly, but a reasonable interpretation of promplty would be in their next regular reporting cycle.

It is not something I would routinely dispute unless it is important information, or months past any last update, as the FCRA does not fix a specific update period.

I would begin with an informal request to the creditor to update.

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