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Discover-Well This Is A First For Me

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Discover-Well This Is A First For Me

Generally I always keep 2 balances reporting (saving AZEO for when I apply for a mortgage just to surprise myself with a few more mortgage points).


Always pay my bills the same and have what I want reported as a balance every month. To my Surprise when I checked my  reported balance  for Discover today (it always cuts on the 11th) it was showing a balance of 21 dollars reported on my Experian report.


I looked at my statement that was cut and it clearly stated ZERO balance as usual.


There was aa pending charge for 21 dollars that took longer than usual to post but it didn't post until the 12th after the statement cut but Discover reported it anyway.


Lost a few points on some of my Ficos due to 3 accounts reporting a balance instead of 2.


No biggy but something to keep in mind whenever I do put in for a mortgage to make sure no pending charges could get hung up and somehow get reported after a statement cuts ruining AZEO.


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