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Discover payment question by 5pm or 12am ?EST

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Discover payment question by 5pm or 12am ?EST

Asking for someone else. It's not my card although there is a charge on there that is mine.

I find this confusing. Do they mean by midnight 4/18 and it will post TODAY? Because selecting today's date in the payment section isn't even an option anymore. The account is not past due. We were just wondering.



- 3/17 Cap1 Secured $200 and $500 as of 9/17
-10/17 Amex Blue Cash Awards. $15,700
-12/17 Discover It $2,400
- 2/18 Cap1 Unsecured. Quicksilver NO CLI.
4/19 Cap1CL $1,000
1/18-4/19 Garden. No loans. Rebuilding.
- NFCU Platinum $1,000
- Citi Simplicty $6,000
- Amazon Prime Rewards $5,000
8/19 Citizen's Bank Cash Back World $1,600
8/19 Burying self in garden.
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Re: Discover payment question by 5pm or 12am ?EST

As long as the payment is submitted prior to the time constraint, it should be time stamped accordingly and applied prior to the deadline and you will be fine.

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Re: Discover payment question by 5pm or 12am ?EST

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), payments received prior to 5PM on a given date must be credited as received on that date.

A creditor can establish a later time, such as midnight, but cannot establish a time earlier than 5PM on the due date.

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