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Discrepancies between bureaus & vantage score providers

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Discrepancies between bureaus & vantage score providers

I have a few different sources for Vantage scores. I've noticed that the TU data, even when I refresh the different sites at the same time, can contain different data for the same account. Could it be that each score provider only receives THEIR update at a certain time of day?


The weirdest thing that I noticed was today. I've been waiting for EX to update a specific account for weeks. I've checked the actual EX site and there's no update. I finally checked one of my EX Vantage score providers and the new account data is on that site. Why would EX's own site not have this info, but the third-party score provider have it?? This is so weird and frustrating, especially since they swore to me yesterday that my credit card company never provided an update. I guess that it's *possible* that my cc provider snuck in an update the same day that I called them (highly unlikely). 

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Re: Discrepancies between bureaus & vantage score providers

The CRA's have almost every person in the country on their systems. Millions and millions more than Vantage sites. Whereas vantage sites only have people who signed up for their service or certain business accounts that provide Vantage scoes to their customers. When I had a little spree last month. The Vantage sites notified me of the HP's in seconds when I purchased my SUV. I've had MyFICO 3B for yrs. Took them hrs to notify me for the HP's.  CK was less than 5 mins. Got to say CK is really quick to alert you on some movements outside of balance changes and other tid bits.


Just like banks. Each company has their own update schedule. Kinda like banks. Some close their sites early Sunday mornings for "maintenance". Some never close at all. Its up to the company. Hope that helps.

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