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Dispute an inquiry

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Dispute an inquiry

How do I remove an inquiry that is not mine?

I called TU and they told me to write a letter to WASHINGTON MUTUAL..what if they don't respond?


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Re: Dispute an inquiry

Dispute it as not mine.. But one Inq probably isn't worth your trouble.
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Re: Dispute an inquiry

I am sitting on 694 and hoping this will bring me to the 700.
I cannot dispute this with Trans Union, they told me that I will need to write a disput letter to WASMU.
You have any sample letters like that? Will WASMU even read this letter? would they care?
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Re: Dispute an inquiry

Equifax won't let me dispute an enquiry without a police report.
The enquiry from from a cell phone company, who gave me the very helpful information that giving anyone my SS number initiates an enquiry on my Credit Report.  When I mentioned that was not always true, they corrected that to "except when it does not".
After 15 minutes no one was able to explain why they did it and if they had my permission.
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Re: Dispute an inquiry

Send this to WAMU:




February 25, 2006


Re: Unauthorized Credit Inquiry

Dear Wamu,

I recently received a copy of my credit reports. The credit reports showed a credit inquiry(s) by your company on the below listed date that I do not recall authorizing. I understand that you shouldn't be allowed to put an
inquiry on my file unless I have authorized it. Please have this inquiry removed from my credit file because it is making it very difficult for me to acquire credit.


I have sent this letter because I need your prompt response to this issue. Please be so kind as to forward me documentation that you have had the unauthorized inquiry removed within 5 days.


From the FCRA? 616. Civil liability for willful noncompliance [15 U.S.C. ? 1681n]


"Civil liability for knowing noncompliance. Any person who obtains a consumer report from a consumer reporting agency under false pretenses or knowingly without a permissible purpose shall be liable to the consumer reporting agency for actual damages sustained by the consumer reporting agency or $1,000, whichever is greater."


If you find that I am remiss, and you did have my authorization to inquire into my credit report, then please send me proof of this.





KROLL FACTUAL DATA/060 08/18/2004 Experian

FACTL DTA 08/18/2004 Equifax

KROLL FACTUAL DATA/060 07/09/2004 Experian

FACTL DTA 07/09/2004 Equifax

FACTL DTA 09/13/2005 Equifax

KROLL FACTUAL DATA/060 09/13/2005 Experian




Thanking you in advance,


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Re: Dispute an inquiry

It's certainly worth a try (sending the letter).  Technically, according to the legal beagles at CIC:

Now here's the breakdown of that and why:

Section 609a(3)(A)(i-ii) of the FCRA requires that the bureau identify to the consumer upon request any "person" that obtained a copy of the consumer's credit report during the 24 months preceding the request. There is no safe-harbor to this provision.

Even if the credit report was pulled by mistake and everyone agrees it was a mistake, that does not negate the fact that a report was provided by the CRA and the law requires the CRA to keep track of it.

If a CRA were to delete an inquiry before the 24 month expiration, they would not be able to comply with this statutory requirement. Therefore it is illegal for a CRA to remove an inquiry.

A CRA may flag an inquiry so that it appears only on disclosures made to the consumer. That way it is never seen by a subscriber pulling a report and does not affect your FICO score...but it must be shown on any report issued by the CRA to the consumer.

This letter from FTC Attorney Christopher Keller explains what I outlined here in question #5:

Although some people manage to get an inquiry deleted, it must be stressed that the CRA is breaking the law in doing so and leaving themselves open to be sued for failing to follow their required duties to keep track of every single report they issue."
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