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Dispute deleted from Trans, but...

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Dispute deleted from Trans, but...

EX, and EQ still report it. Will TU send out a message to the other Credit Bureaus? I have submited disputes with all 3.

Submited that some 90+ day late payments on student loans were inaccurate in 2013.

And had 2 old medical colletions deleted. (2013, 2012)That were around 300$ each.

This all removed from my TU and boosted my score up 47 points, to a 727.

TU 727
EX 677
EQ 655

All three scores vary greatly, and I am trying to get them all the same, how likly is it that EX and EQ will follow suit. And delete the information. Which is the hardest one to get stuff removed. Any tricks tips or information is very much appreciated.

Sorry if there is poor grammar and punctuation, I am on my phone typing this. Thanks again.
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Re: Dispute deleted from Trans, but...

No.   That responsibility resides with the furnisher of the disputed information, and not the CRA,


Under FCRA 623(b)(1)(D), if a furnisher determines, after investigation of a referred dispute, that the information either requires correction or deletion, they must report that correction or deletion to each CRA to which they have also reported the information.

It is not sufficient to simply update/delete with the CRA through which the dispute was made.

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