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Dispute personal info on CR?


Dispute personal info on CR?

How do I dispute and correct invalid personal infomation that appears on my credit reports? I'm currently trying to rebuild my credit, and just took a long look at all 3 of my reports. All three are listing incorrect names, phone numbers, and addresses that I never used or had from as far back as 1996-2011. I have 9 different addresses listed from 1996 (I was years under 18 then) to 2011, and a few of which I never lived in. 18 phone numbers where most of which I never had. I also have 5 different names with different varations of lastnames and middle initials. How do I fix this? 


I'm assuming this info is no longer being reported to CRAs as it's all over 7 years plus old info. I have no clue or way of knowing who reported it in the first place, or do I? From the dates, I know it's not being reported by any of my current creditors.


Another reason why I want to fix this info is, I applied for an appartment about a year and a half ago, and while the appartment manager was on the fense given my credit status at that time, she made refferense too and seemed spooked by the existance of several different names and addresses on my credit report. I didn't give it much thought at the time, but now see what she was talking about...

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Re: Dispute personal info on CR?

This question comes up a fair amount here. 


The first thing to do, before you attempt to dispute with the CRA, is to print out your credit report and go through every account on it.  Put a star next to every account next to every account where the creditor has updated its data in the last 15 months, even if the account is a closed account.  (There's a field named Date Reported or something like that.)  Then make sure you call each of those creditors and make sure they have only your current address.  If they have more than one address, ask them if they will delete from their database all but the current address.


The reason you are doing this is that the CRA gets its addresses chiefly from your creditors.  If you get the CRA to delete it, and then one of your creditors reports with the old address, it may well come back on.


If it sounds like even one creditor might have been using an older address, wait another two months after you corrected it with them before trying to dispute with the CRA.  And check again with that creditor before you do.


After that, I think getting the personal info corrected is typically pretty easy.  When I did it, I simply used the online dispute and indicated that the item in question was incorrect.  Stay on message with that.  Don't get inviegled into a discussion of whether it might have once been correct.  Just keep saying it is incorrect.  The CRA has a legal obligation to delete info you claim is incorrect unless it can get some creditor to indicate that it is correct.  And none of them will, since they will all have your current address.


You will increase your chance of success if you do not attempt to have all past addresses deleted.  Leave the current address (of course) and your last address.  And of course do not atempt to have social or birthdate deleted.  Last address, current address, birthdate, social, and name are the only things the CRA looks for.  Everything else -- phone numbers, employer, old addresses -- you can get deleted.


Someone else may have a better idea.

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