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Dispute with boa

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Dispute with boa

Hi I have been disputing a 30 day late with boa for months and I keep on getting the run around, can anyone provide me with information on how to better get this completed. Thanks Smiley Happy 

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Re: Dispute with boa

Hi and welcome to MyFICO


Can you give us more information/details?



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Re: Dispute with boa

hello, So I had billpay/autopay set up. There seemed to be some kind of glitch and payment was not taken out. I realized after the 30 day mark that my minimum payment had not been withdrawn from my account. i notified boa and they confirmed that they were having some king of glitch. I payed the full balance on the account which was lower than $50 . 


Later, during underwriting process for my home I realized they reported the 30 day late. I currently have been fighting with them for over 6 months about this error. I keep being connected to different people and still have not been able to resolve the problem 

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Re: Dispute with boa

Was your payment ultimately credited more than 30 days after the billing date, but within 30 days after the billing due date, or was it also at least 30 days past the billing due date?


Do they acknowledge timely  of the minimum amount, and also admit that lack of credit to your account was their fault?


Did you file a dispute contesting under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) contesting the billing related dispute?


Have you filed a received decision on a formal dispute under FCRA 611 contesting the accuracy of the reporting of the 30-late (which is required before you can then pursue civil action and get the matter reviewed by the court)?

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