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Disputes - My Fico or True Credit

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Disputes - My Fico or True Credit

I am in the process of disputing personal information on my CR.  Once this is done then I want to dispute items from BK 5 years ago because they are not reporting correctly. I paid for the FICO scores through My Fico then I paid for the monitoring through TC.  When disputing items on my CR, which report should I use?  Of course the scores are different but I expected that from reading this forum.  There are more inquiries on the TC report than the FICO.  If I should go by the TC report I will surely dispute these.  I need to know cleaning which report is going to be effective in getting my scores higher?
Thank you all as this is very helpful. 
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Re: Disputes - My Fico or True Credit

You always dispute from your CR.  to each CRA. first. You could have diasputed everything at 1 time.NOW IF personal info, isn't that important  open another another disput but leave off what is already in dispute (personal).As they will open another dispute. Be sure to get the file# or confirm #. from each so that you can call or check online whil you wait for your 30 days.
I will let someone else who to dispute from.
I pulled all 3 CR & disputed with each CRA seperate.
I  think some filed theough TU but Im not sure.

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