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Disputes & Reappears

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Disputes & Reappears

If a collection's account was disputed on your credit report and the final results were that it got deleted off; can it later reappear back on your report?

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Re: Disputes & Reappears


Dispute results are never absolute/final. 

See FCRA 611(a)(5)(B) for the requirments relating to reinsertion of information deleted based on a prior dispute.


After deletion based on a finding in a dispute, the information cannot be reinserted unless the party includes a Certification of Accuracy of the information.

That overcomes the prior finding that the information was not verified, and permits its reinsertion.


If the CRA obtains a Certification, they can immediately reinsert, but must send the consumer a written notice of the reinsertion within 5 business days after the reinsertion.


However, if information is voluntarily deleted, then its reinsertion has no requirments beyond those of normal reporting.

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