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Re: Disputes

myhearts07 wrote:
Maybe settled is not the right term here.  I see updated and deleted on TU & EX.  Does this help my score?  Here is what I disputed:  Disputed a collection account that was not mine, it was deleted.
Account appeared two times on all my reports, deleted from TU, one removed from EX and one left.  This is a valid account.  I had a lot of duplicate accounts that were updated and I also had a BK7 from 2001 and a lot of the accounts were listed individually and as part of the BK.  So those accounts are now showing as part of the BK7 but not listed individually anymore.  My lender, Countrywide, reported my April 07 payment as late when in actuality I paid more on the mortgage payment and they didn't know what to do with it, so they held my payment.  Got letter showing their error, is not reporting late to bureaus.   This was all that was disputed.

Any deleted derog only helps your score in the long run. Congrats!
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