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Disputing a Late on CR but never put in by lender

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Disputing a Late on CR but never put in by lender

Howdy all


I wanted to start a thread and see if anyone else has had experience with this and hopefully gain some insight as to what to expect. I currently have one 30 day late from my Discover card on all three of my CR's. It was due to an error I made when making one of my first payments in 2016. I entered my Chase account number incorrectly thus incurred a late payment and bounced check fee. After being on the phone with a Disco CSR and Chase CSR simulatinously, the issue was cleared up and the Disco CSR assured me no late payment would be reported. Several months later "some time in 2017 I believe it is when I did my taxes" I discovered a late payment had indeed showed up on my CR from that November when the issue occured. I thought there was nothing to be done and I would just have to live with it for 7 years "I was only 19 at the time apologies" After now being a member here for some months and hearing of letters of good will I decided today to call Disco and see if I could get the late removed early. Only to then find out Discover never actually reported a late- the supervisor informed me no late showed on their internal system and pushed in a request with their back office to confirm. After ending the phone call I entered a dispute with all 3 CRB's to get it removed. Has anyone else had to deal with mistakes such as this? How long do disputes typically last?


Any and all tips are welcome and thank you in advance

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Re: Disputing a Late on CR but never put in by lender

Sorry @UncleB

Thank you for moving me

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