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Do I have a chance at all?

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Re: Do I have a chance at all?

@Anonymous wrote:

Hey everyone I want to get a car but Im not sure if i'll get approved or not. Can i have some opinions? 

I'm 19, I am working full time right now and make about 35K a year. My FICOs are EQ:712 TU:698 EX:688. Auto FICO 08s are EQ:683 TU:668 and EX 645. Auto FICO 05 for EQ is 721 auto FICO 04 for TU is 668 and auto FICO 02 for EX is 667.

AAoA: about 7 months, oldest account 1.2 years.

No negatives/ lates ever.

I have 3 CCs with total combined limit of $4,485 with less than 10% utilization and i also have a 2nd loan with the same company for $1,800 with a balnce of $1,400 (first loan was payed off last year) this loan is from 4 months ago. 

Inquries: EX:5 TU:6 EQ:3

Do you guys think I'll get approved by any bank?

Are you going to put anything down for a down payment?

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