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Do creditors know if you PIF monthly?

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Do creditors know if you PIF monthly?

I PIF all of my credit cards monthly.  Unless I know I'm about to apply for cards or a loan, I DO let the balance report. :smiley blush:


Can creditors tell you PIF and bring the balance back up, from 0, the next month or does it "look" like the minimum is only paid? 


Thank you.

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Re: Do creditors know if you PIF monthly?

I don't think they can tell this, unless they're willing to do some math.


The amount of our monthly charges is reported to the CRA's, although consumers can only see this listed on our Experian reports. So if they're willing to look at the amounts charged and the balances, they might be able to see that you're PIF'ing. But otherwise, no.



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Re: Do creditors know if you PIF monthly?

Most likely, the only creditor that would have that detail of interest in your balance of payment pattern over time would be that single creditor with which you hold the account.

That creditor has their own, detailed, internal account database for such history.  What is reported to a CRA originated with them, so they have their own, original source of much more detailed information.

I cant imagine why a third party creditor would be interested in, let alone go to the time and expense of, doing a monthly pull of all their client's credit reports, and try to build a database of payment profile on another creditor's accounts from month to month.  That would be a huge use of resources and data storage expense! 


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