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Do not understand my Equifax Fico Score from here.

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Do not understand my Equifax Fico Score from here.

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I pulled my TU fico from here last month and it made sense and I had no issues with it. Tonight I pulled my EQ and well I am lost.

Here are my issues. First it is telling me I have very short credit history. Well my oldest account it 15 years and Avg age of my accounts are 8 Years old. What gives?? My TU was just fine and scored me well. Next it is saying that I have multiple lates as well. I had an account that was charged off in June of 2007. Well its saying that I have been late 90 days late 25 times??? Another account that was a CO in Feb. of 2007 says I have been late 90 days 16 times? My TU report just says CO on both those accounts.

One last issue I have is one of the accounts that was a CO in 2007 is saying that two of the 90 days were from 2010. Can they keep putting 90 days on my report after a CO? Also this is telling me my last late payment was just over two years ago. When it should be back in 2007.

One other thing is I looked at my EQ report today. Everything looks normal and reporting correctly. On the other hand my fico score report has a mind of its own.

Would all these errors on my EQ Fico report cause my score to be lower?

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Re: Do not understand my Equifax Fico Score from here.

The short history comment is based off your credit and scoring bucket. Compared to others with a similar history your history is shorter than others. I bet this is a neg. comment based in the 3rd or 4th slot on your FICO report, right? I'd focus on the #1 and #2 neg. comment.


The lates are normal. When you have an acct go bad, you'll see a 30,60,90, etc. late and eventually it'll charge-off. Onc it is CO'd, they can continue to add interest and add monthly lates. This will continue up to the point it is paid or sold.



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Re: Do not understand my Equifax Fico Score from here.

Isn't my fico score based off my EQ credit report. That report just has a CO from 2007 and still reports as a CO each month. The other CO from 2007 stopped reporting in 2008 when it was paid in full and closed. How can it have 16 90 day lates?
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