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Does CLI hurt in the future loan?

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Does CLI hurt in the future loan?

Hi, I am asking question behalf of my parents.

My mother has 811 FICO8 on Experian and 764 on both FAKO from Credit Karma.

The current limit on Chase Freedom is $9500 and BOA is $3500 and $2500. All of them are SL.

The credit utilization ratio is near zero because we paid the balance before the statement comes out. 

The utilization ratio will be really high on BOA card if we start to pay after the statement.

I heard high utilization will be really bad on credit history and I do not want that to happen.

The credit length is 6 years long. Will CLI hurt the score and affect the ability to get a loan significantly for a car or house in near future?


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Re: Does CLI hurt in the future loan?

How long have they had the BofA? Have they tried requesting an increase? A CLI normally doesn't hurt scores. Inqs are normally temporary or may have no affect at all.
The needed CLI may out weigh anything negative.
Utilization is temporary and the changes only affect the score month to month.
Doubtful either will cause issues with an auto loan. I'd lay off if within 6 months of a home loan. Again, I really don't see either as an issue when landing a secured loan.
The BofA account online will let them know when an increase is possible. "Increase credit limit" will be highlighted near the current limit. Always shoot for the stars. The system will counter offer if you over shoot what BofA is comfortable giving out.

My most prized tradeline.
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