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Does more credit necessarily equal higher scores?

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Re: Does more credit necessarily equal higher scores?

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@Anonymous wrote:

Just wanting to understand but isn't utilization not that important unless you are trying to obtain a loan?  I tend to not care about mine as I pay in full each month, sure my score drops but it goes right back up once I pay them down.  It flucutates all the time.  I figure when it comes time to buy a house I will focus on that more.

If you PIF every month, your reported utilization is likely a non-factor.  I agree that there's no reason to worry about it and/or maximize it until about a month before you are looking to take on a loan.

But it is a factor at least for me.  I rack it up then PIF but if it's up to 30% or more of my credit line that gets reported each month.  I don't pay it down before the statement cuts (that is my fault though)

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