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Doozy for you- Comcast (cable) Deposit?!?

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Re: Doozy for you- Comcast (cable) Deposit?!?

Comcast blows and if I owned my home, guaranteed I'd have DirecTV - however, can you please clarify they (DirecTV) does NOT pull your credit?
Maybe I'll see if they can hook me up now in my townhome, it looks at though T-Mobile may offer the wireless option now for HOT SPOT at homeSmiley Very Happy
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Re: Doozy for you- Comcast (cable) Deposit?!?

Lori344 wrote:

bamf70 wrote:

MidnightVoice wrote:
Threaten to get Direct TV?

They do a hard pull.....

Direct TV didn't do a hard pull on us. That's crazy, they have control to cut you off in a second, why the heck would they need to do a inq?

Well according to the Inquiry on my report they do.....Mine was Jul 05 so I don't have it on my TC anymore to show you.
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Re: Doozy for you- Comcast (cable) Deposit?!?

ccsauer wrote:
Hey all-

Got a letter from Comcast (Cable company) saying that they require a deposit in order to start service. My wife set up the account with her information ad gave them her credit info. Her credit is perfect, for our age (24 and 25), and had high 700's scores. I would like to dispute this issue with Comcast. Anyone had any issues like this in the past that they would know how this works? Thank you for any insight!

DirecTV is much better anyway!
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Re: Doozy for you- Comcast (cable) Deposit?!?

I would definately talk with someone over there at Comcast. Sounds unreasonable to me.  The only time I have heard of deposits on accounts is if you defaulted in the past.  Perhaps there was a mixup with your wife's information. 
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Re: Doozy for you- Comcast (cable) Deposit?!?

Direct tv did a hard pull on me, and I changed my mind about getting the dish, so now I'm stuck with hard inquiry and still have cable.  I don't like the fact that I would have to sign a contract and be stuck with it, if I don't like it.  Alot of my friends do not like the dish, so I backed out before signing the contract.  By the way, I have a bk and low scores, but still got approved for direct tv.  I believe at the time my scores were 550, 560, 566
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Re: Doozy for you- Comcast (cable) Deposit?!?

Like the other posters have said, that's really strange that Comcast is asking you for a deposit with your credit scores.  Usually Comcast only asks for 1 month's fees + installation charges.  
I noticed that Comcast is now charging deposits for DVR boxes regardless of credit.
I also found this info for you from Comcast:  According to this, they should be sending you a letter explaining why you had to pay a deposit.
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